PASSARITO, mon amour...

A new place of Parisian‘s bistronomy as so many others?

" Sure not! PASSARITO is an authentic place, with a soul, which speaks about what I am,
what I like . A sharing place for lovers of farmlands’products, History and nice stories. My heart always travelled between Gallic rooster and the rooster of Barcelos, emblems of my double French-Portuguese culture.  So, quite naturally, I wanted to share, with my dinner guests, my universe and my passion for the best of Lusitanian and Gallic products. "

" PASSARITO, mon amour ", what is it exactly ?

" A bar to drink wine and to eat, a singular wine shop, a grocery and a delicatessen that “suggest” the tasting, on the spot or to take away, of quality products, that I take pleasure "to hunt" ,"to tell" like a story and to serve. Quality products, but not any products ! Local products !... Of the farmlands, yes! But not of any farmlands ! Luso-Gallic or galo-Lusitanian farmlands... it is as you wish... Anyway! products of small passionate producers, which I met in the occasion of my journeys in France and in Portugal. In our kitchen, dishes are mainly "home made" and cooked, in the measure of the possible, with fresh and seasonal products , and with Love, goes without saying. "  CÉSAR